UITextField Validation for iOS

We all have experienced it’s very time taking task to handle all validations for a single text field like empty validation,  characters limit etc and to manage them in a efficient way. It is very annoying to show validation alerts for each text field, so if you have so many text-fields in a form and each text field have average of 2 validations then user may get frustrated to get so much alert during filling the form.

To overcome this problem I have created an inherited class of “UITextField” called “TextFieldValidator” in which you just need to give them all the regex string that you want to validate in a particular textfield, no matter how many types of validation you want to perform you just need to give them in sequence. I’m sure this will save your lot of time in development and good news is that you can easily integrate “TextFieldValidator” into your previous application without putting much effort.

For full information please visit TextFeildValidatorDemo

Here are some screenshots

Img1         IMG_5323

IMG_5331         IMG_5332

IMG_5325         IMG_5324

For full information please visit TextFeildValidatorDemo

I hope this will reduce your lot of efforts for implementing validation stuff and thanks for reading.

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Thank you.